Azbar Liquor, Draught & Beverage Control Solutions

Manage liquor, cocktail recipes, draught beer, wine, soft drinks and juices with only one appliance that is also a cash register.  Connect this appliance to a POS system and have a powerful management and control tool that will reduce your operating costs and increase your profit, day after day.

AZ-200 Controller

  • AZ 200 ControllerIt is a cash register with integrated programmable keyboard
  • Controls up to 255 different brands and 255 different cocktails
  • Manages up to 255 price specials (Happy Hour, Ladies’ Night, etc.)
  • Manages a choice of 4 programmable portion sizes
  • Can be interfaced with many popular POS systems

Download the AZ-200 datasheet here

Azbar Cocktail Tower

  • Azbar cocktail towerDispenses up to 64 different brands
  • Can mix up to 16 brands per cocktail recipe
  • Prepares cocktails in 3 seconds
  • Can also dispense juice and soft drinks

Download the Cocktail Tower datasheet here


Azbar Beer Head

  • Azbar Bear headThe only beer head on the market with an integrated flow meter
  • Monitors quantity poured
  • Choice of 4 programmable portion sizes
  • Also dispenses draft wine

Download the Beer Head datasheet here