Veloce Hospitality POS

Veloce restaurant POS Ottawa

Increase your profitability with the most tailored, flexible and reliable system in the market.

The Restaurant POS management system is a powerful, user-friendly tool and the best asset to ensure outstanding customer service.

VELOCE exceeds competitors by delivering intelligent features and flawless reliability. For example, menu, staff and stock configuration can be accessed directly from the POS system via visual and intuitive interfaces, without going through the “Back Office.”

Intuitive Interfaces

Real-time stock management and ordering

For maximum productivity: optimized real-time ordering and order management, perfectly aligned with your restaurant’s menu and all the promotions and choices you offer. No more wasting time!

Mobile POS solution

VELOCE POS keeps pace with new technologies and lets managers choose the equipment they want for their business, no matter what the budget.

SRM-Compatible POS System

VELOCE POS software is approved by Revenu Québec and is already set up for mandatory billing through the sales recording module (SRM). Our system is standards-compliant and user-friendly.

Veloce analytics…Measure your success

Access your sales data and business statistics at any time to make informed decisions. Numerous reports and graphs let you cross-reference, compare and understand how your business is performing at a glance.

Restaurant Features

Table management
Service management
Fastest transaction process
At-table bill payment
Promotions and flexible menus
Tablet-based ordering
Simplified billing
Simplified visual of menus
Visual bill payment
Transfer and sharing of items between customers
Automatic tip management
Work team management
Limited quantity management (e.g., daily specials)
Interface for charge-to-room billing with the major hotel management software packages
Table reservations
Pending table orders

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Bar Features

Management of stock in multiple locations (Fridge)
Volume and portion management of draught beers
Liquor management using the various control systems available
Real-time reports, by department
Powerful bar bill (running bill) tool
Multiple promotion options
Intelligent, simplified and streamlined billing
Transparent-mode operation, with comparison of products sold and served
Proactive-mode control: requires sale before service
Hybrid operation for certain products and formats
Unique “DRINKS” cocktail management interface

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Fast Food Features

Delivery module
Advanced kitchen display
Payment by cellular terminal
Delivery-driver management with automatic distribution
Quick cashier changeover
Recognition of combos
Simplified topping selection
Balancing by drawer (POS) or by cashier
Mandatory question
Preparation-time management
Transfer of orders to different workstations
Optimal ordering of items on bill
Putting orders on hold

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Cafeteria Features

Fastest transaction process
Simple promotion management
Cash drawer management
Payroll deduction
Prepaid meal card
Balancing by drawer or by cashier
Time clock
Payroll interface
Daily menu management
Customer account management
Loyalty interface
Simple and efficient inventory management
Advanced kitchen display

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Recreation & Tourism Features

Ticketing system
Customer management
Promotion management by customer
Schedule access (Hour, half-day, full-day)
Inter-POS reconciliation within a business
Reservations for groups, events, rooms, courses, etc.
Golf interface (member, online booking and tee time management)
Customer origin statistics
Letter-format billing
Prepaid transaction management
Gift card management
Visitor statistics
Currency conversion

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