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Hospitality Paging Systems

Whether your business is a hotel or restaurant, it’s about catering to customers’ needs. With LRS solutions, customers are well informed, reassured knowing that you’re attending to them, and walk away happy. Equip your staff with industry-leading guest management tools and watch your business flow with ease.

You understand the importance of communicating with guests simply and efficiently. LRS guest pagers give you a non-obtrusive, discreet alternative for notifying customers when they’re needed. Traditional paging systems are simple to operate, deliver messages instantly, and customers immediately understand how to respond once notified. And for those looking for a more robust communications solution, LRS paging system APIs make it easy to integrate into other business applications.

Key Features

  • Guest Paging: Notify waiting customers when their table or room is ready
  • Staff Paging: Increase food delivery speed with a kitchen-to-server paging system
  • Push-for-Service: Provide customers call-buttons to request service while by the pool or on the patio

LRS Guest Paging System

Tried and true, the LRS Guest Paging Kit has been the trusted paging solution for the last 20+ years and is our most popular paging system. Traditionally thought of as the original restaurant pager, the LRS Guest Paging Kit is now used by a diverse group of businesses with guest paging needs.

LRS Server Paging System

Page staff members quickly when attention is needed. LRS Staff Paging System is a low cost staff paging solution, typically used by restaurant servers, that keeps servers on the floor taking care of guests; and not in the kitchen waiting on food.

LRS Butler XP Push-for-Service System

Allow guests to contact someone onsite instantly with the LRS Butler XP Push-Button Paging system. With the touch of a button, a silent alert is delivered to anyone in your building wearing an LRS messaging pager. Used for instant notification when assistance, back-up, or a staff member is needed, this system is great for any service-oriented environment. Transmitters are waterproof and available as one or two button units.

On Cue: A Simply Powerful Waitlist

Easy Guest Entry
Add parties to the list, quote their wait time, and record customer preferences in mere seconds. Popular with casual dining restaurants.

Page or SMS Text
Notify guests using LRS pagers or SMS messaging. It’s your choice (or your customer’s).

Status Indicators
Meet and beat expectations with color-coded status updates that change as quoted times near.

Countdown Timer
Need to alert customers when their allotted time is up? Use the countdown function. It’s a great option for fitness centers and pool halls.

Custom Messaging
No two businesses are alike, that’s why you need options to customize the message you deliver.

Table Management
View table availability, seat guests, and update status from anywhere using LRS’ remote table updater.

Multi-Device Synching
Synch more than one iPad together in a single location when multiple areas of your business view and manage the same wait list.

Unlimited in Every Way
Add an unlimited number of guests and page an unlimited number of times, for free! Only pay to purchase an SMS text package if you want to also text message guests.