Profitek Retail POS

Flexibility. Simplicity. Affordability.

A Retail management POS system is similar to a cash register: sales are rung in, money is exchanged, change is given, cash is secured and the tender is balanced.

What is different is that a POS system captures, maintains and updates enormous amounts of information that can help you manage your business.

Knowledge is the key to maintaining an edge in today’s super-competitive retail environment. Handling everything from Point-Of-Sale through inventory control to accounting and payroll, Profitek streamlines your operational efficiency. Fast access to customer history and buying habits provides your salespeople with the tools to maximize their effectiveness.

Useful and comprehensive sales analysis allows you to enhance the profitability of your product mix. You can start simple and expand your Profitek system as your business grows: It’s flexible!

General Features

  • Windows Based
    Easy to learn and use screen layouts. Fifteen minute training sufficient to learn basic register functions.
    Standard PC Hardware.
    Peer To Peer Windows Networking Support, no specialized server required.
    Available consolidation routine for full stand-alone operation of Point of Sale.

Point of Sale Features

  • Simple and Fast Sales Entry
    Bar code scanning, touch screen and/or “Speed” programmable keyboards.
  • Look-up Screens
    Pop up screen for quick customer information lookup and maintenance by phone number, name or partial name.
    Pop up screen for item lookup by keyword, description, subcategory or item/stock number.
    Password protected customer transaction and sales history look-up.
    Password protected Items sales and cost history look-up.
    Stock level look-up for other locations (Requires Host control module).
  • Discounts
    Discount an item or complete invoice by dollar value or percentage.
    Up to 15 different discount types, individually password protected.
  • Payment
    15 user-definable methods of payment.
    Multiple foreign currencies, with easy to reset exchange rates displayed on screen.
    Handles deposits, layaways and payments on account.
    Accepted payment types are adjustable for each customer.
    Alternate currency selection for foreign customers.
  • Optional Debit/Credit Processing (US AND Canada)
    Provides high speed integrated credit card transaction processing directly from within Profitek to Global Payments or Moneris in Canada. Cantactless payment and ApplePay
    PC Charge interface for processing with US credit card companies.
    Canadian debit card processing.
    Handles Refunds and Voids.
  • Park and Recall
    Park and Recall feature for partially completed transactions.
  • Order tracking
    Drop off and pick up for photo finishers, framers, etc.
    Order tracking by due date/time and customer.
    Automatic tracking label printing.
  • Customer Tracking and Customer Relationships
    Keeps customer notes, prints address labels for direct mail, creates form letters, and email.
    Customizable customer preference matrix for targeted direct marketing efforts.
    Selectable customer price and tax groups for VIP members, teams, contractors, resellers, etc.
    Membership Expiry with selectable warning.
  • Points and Awards
    Tracks and rewards regular or VIP customers.
    Set-up items with bonus points.
    Set-up items exempt from awards or redemption.
  • Gift Card module
    Issue and redeem gift cards for a singe store or across a chain.
    Cards may be refilled.
    Delete lost or stolen cards.
    Re-issue returned cards.
  • Daily Closing
    Cashier and/or daily closing.
    Cash distribution count and reconciliation screens.
    Customizable daily reports list.

Management Features

  • Basic Management Features
    Easy to use, Menu Driven Back Office setup, activities, and maintenance screens.
    Crystal reports for clear, accurate and exportable report functions.
    Critical daily management features accessible from the Cash Register screens (password protected) such as Item Sales Report, Hourly Sales Report, and Intermediate Sales Summary (X Report).
  • Item Management
    Real time on-hand quantity
    Unlimited categories and sub-categories
    Definable tax status for each item
    Size and color breakout (Matrix)
    Serial numbers on hand
    Up to 10 price groups; assignable by individual customer
    User definable item attribute fields
    Sales and specials: set by date range
    Mix and match combos
    Link items, services to items and build kits
    Average, last and total cost by item, in local and foreign currency, with sales and profit history, all on one screen
  • Inventory management
    Selectable Minimum and maximum stock levels by month, size and color. Works with optional PO module for automatic PO generation (by vendor or by stock level) and quantities expected.
    Inventory adjustments with full audit trail.
    Receiving cost history, in detail, with supplier and invoice number.
    Post receiving cost adjustment capability with audit trail.
    Compatible with portable barcode scanning devices to make inventory counts and receiving easy.
    Supports full counts, cycle counts and batch counts.
    Creates inventory image for inventory reconciliation, with full variance reporting.
  • Detailed Reports
    What products and sales people are performing or not, and when? Make purchasing and pricing decisions based on item performance.
    Daily sales report with cash reconciliation by individual salesperson, category, sub-category and item, plus detailed sales register and hourly report options.
    Track profitability by category/sub-category/item/vendor.
    Compare product performance week-to-week, month-to-month, or year-to-year.
    Inventory audit reports for receiving, returns, transfers and adjustments.
    Stock movement analysis by category/sub-category/item/vendor.
    Re-order report for items below minimum levels which can be turned into a purchase order.
    User-definable item attributes let you create selective reporting specific to your business.
    System keeps all sales activities on file until removed by management.
    Who bought what and when?
    Who are your most profitable customers?
    Who has NOT been in for some time?
    Sales by customer who bought a particular product, and when.
  • Accounts Receivable
    Set individual customer AR status including credit limit and credit terms.
    Print AR statements with definable aging and cut off date.
    Same Group capability for consolidated AR statements for customers with multiple departments.
  • Commissions
    Calculate and report commissions by percentage of sales or profit.
    Commission rates definable by subcategory.
    Split commission between two salespersons.
  • Security
    Password protected POS terminal sign-on if desired.
    Nine levels of sales access to control discounting, returns, on account sales, etc.
    Ninety nine levels of back office access, to control price item maintenance, ordering, receiving, reporting, etc.
  • Multi-Store Chains Supported
    Optional Host Control module collects data from all locations sales and accounting sections.
    Inter-store transfers.
    Allows central control of items and prices.
    Individual and consolidated store reporting.
  • Accounting
    Optional Accounting Interface exports sales information to the G/L of QuickBooks, ACCPAC, Simply Accounting or Great Plains. Or
    Optional Profitek’s own bookeeping system supporting GL, A/P and Canadian Payroll integrate seamlessly with Profitek Retail Management.
  • Distribution
    Optional Order Entry module for distributors or retailers with a distribution arm.
    Tracks current orders, back orders and repeat orders.
    Prints picking slips and packing slips.
    Generates invoices individually or by batch.